Drechsler, Mor di Nelson

Mor di Nelson by Joseph Drechsler, modern edition for Harmoniemusik by Craig Dabelstein. Part of the Maxime's Music Napoleon Series.

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Mor di Nelson

Joseph Drechsler (1782–1852)
Modern edition by Craig Dabelstein (1973–)

Date: c. 1805
Instrumentation: Harmoniemusik (Ob 1.2, Cl 1.2, Hn 1.2, Bsn 1.2)
Duration: 5:50
Level: 4

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Notes on Drechsler’s Mor di Nelson

Joseph Drechsler was born in Bohemia in 1782 and died in Vienna in 1852. He was a personal friend of Beethoven, as we know from references in the Beethoven Conversation Books. He first studied theology in Prague but as a student was already composing large church works.

His success in composing and conducting in the theater led to his becoming Kapellmeister in Baden, Bratislava and finally for the great St. Stefan’s Cathedral in Vienna. Throughout his career he was an active teacher and had published a treatise on harmony in 1816.