Casamorata, Armonia

Armonia di media difficulta, Concert Piece of Medium Difficulty by Luigi Ferdinando Casamorata (1807–1881), modern edition by David Whitwell (1937–).

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Armonia di media difficulta
Concert Piece of Medium Difficulty

Luigi Ferdinando Casamorata (1807–1881)
Modern edition by David Whitwell (1937–)

Date: 1862
Instrumentation: Wind Ensemble
Level: 4

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Notes on Luigi Casamorata, Armonia di media difficulta

Luigi Ferdinando Casamorata, Dr. of Laws, was a composer and civic leader in Florence, Italy. Among his compositions was one opera, Iginia d’Asti, which was produced in 1837–38 in the Pisa Regio Teatra. He published a Book on Harmony in 1876.

This Armonia (concert work) of medium difficulty was composed in 1862 for the “School of Wind Instruments of the Royal Institution of Music in Florence.” This Royal Musical Institute was opened for public instruction in 1862 and we may assume this Armonia was composed for this occasion.

The Armonia is scored for pairs of flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, horns, trumpets, three trombones and ophicleide. The composer has written a note on the bottom of the cover page of the autograph score which states that he would welcome the addition of a contrabassoon to the second bassoon part. He also suggests that any added brass parts should double the clarinet parts and second bassoon. Following this request, in this edition we have added a separate contrabassoon part. For schools which do not have this instrument, we have doubled this part in the bass clarinet and tuba part, dividing the music of this part as seemed appropriate according to the instrumentation and dynamics. However, in this edition, we have elected not to add additional brass players, leaving the music in the original format for a small band.

David Whitwell
Austin, 2014

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