Amilcare Ponchielli

Marcia Funebre for Manzoni

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Marcia Funebre in Honor of Manzoni, by Amilcare Ponchielli, modern edition for concert band by David Whitwell. An elegy of profound emotional depth.

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Product Description

Mar­cia Fune­bre in Hon­or of Man­zoni
Amil­care Ponchiel­li (1834–1886)
Mod­ern edi­tion by David Whitwell (1937–)

Date: c. 1873
Instru­men­ta­tion: Con­cert Band
Dura­tion: 9:30
Lev­el: 5

Notes on Ponchielli’s Marcia Funebre

The Mar­cia fune­bre in hon­or of Man­zoni was com­posed by the great Ital­ian com­pos­er Amil­care Ponchiel­li (1834–1886). Alessan­dro Man­zoni (1785–1873) was a much loved Ital­ian poet, whose I Promes­si Sposi (1827) became a sym­bol of the Ital­ian Risorg­i­men­to and con­tributed to the devel­op­ment of a uni­fied Ital­ian lan­guage. Among the oth­er musi­cal com­po­si­tions com­posed in his hon­or was the great Requiem by Giuseppe Ver­di.

There are a num­ber of these com­mem­o­ra­tive funer­al march­es among the nine­tenth cen­tu­ry Ital­ian orig­i­nal band reper­toire. The style is almost nev­er of a func­tion­al nature which might be used in an actu­al funer­al pro­ces­sion. Instead they are more in the nature of an ele­gy and often of pro­found emo­tion­al depth.