Luigi Ferdinando Casamorata

Armonia di media difficulta

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Armonia di media difficulta, Concert Piece of Medium Difficulty by Luigi Ferdinando Casamorata (1807–1881), modern edition by David Whitwell (1937–).

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Armo­nia di media dif­fi­cul­ta
Con­cert Piece of Medi­um Dif­fi­cul­ty

Lui­gi Fer­di­nan­do Casamora­ta (1807–1881)
Mod­ern edi­tion by David Whitwell (1937–)

Date: 1862
Instru­men­ta­tion: Wind Ensem­ble
Lev­el: 4

Notes on Luigi Casamorata, Armonia di media difficulta

Lui­gi Fer­di­nan­do Casamora­ta, Dr. of Laws, was a com­pos­er and civic leader in Flo­rence, Italy. Among his com­po­si­tions was one opera, Iginia d’Asti, which was pro­duced in 1837–38 in the Pisa Regio Teatra. He pub­lished a Book on Har­mo­ny in 1876.

This Armo­nia (con­cert work) of medi­um dif­fi­cul­ty was com­posed in 1862 for the “School of Wind Instru­ments of the Roy­al Insti­tu­tion of Music in Flo­rence.” This Roy­al Musi­cal Insti­tute was opened for pub­lic instruc­tion in 1862 and we may assume this Armo­nia was com­posed for this occa­sion.

The Armo­nia is scored for pairs of flutes, oboes, clar­inets, bas­soons, horns, trum­pets, three trom­bones and oph­i­clei­de. The com­pos­er has writ­ten a note on the bot­tom of the cov­er page of the auto­graph score which states that he would wel­come the addi­tion of a con­tra­bas­soon to the sec­ond bas­soon part. He also sug­gests that any added brass parts should dou­ble the clar­inet parts and sec­ond bas­soon. Fol­low­ing this request, in this edi­tion we have added a sep­a­rate con­tra­bas­soon part. For schools which do not have this instru­ment, we have dou­bled this part in the bass clar­inet and tuba part, divid­ing the music of this part as seemed appro­pri­ate accord­ing to the instru­men­ta­tion and dynam­ics. How­ev­er, in this edi­tion, we have elect­ed not to add addi­tion­al brass play­ers, leav­ing the music in the orig­i­nal for­mat for a small band.

David Whitwell
Austin, 2014