Buot, Morceau d’Élévation

Morceau d'Élévation, Alto Saxophone solo with Concert Band by Victor Buot (d. 1883), modern edition by Craig Dabelstein (1973–). Victor Buot was Chief of the Artillery Band of the National Guard in France.

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Morceau d’Élévation

Alto Saxophone solo with Concert Band
Victor Buot (d. 1883)
Modern edition by Craig Dabelstein (1973–)

Date: mid 1800s
Instrumentation: Alto Saxophone solo with Concert Band (or organ)
Duration: 3:00
Level: 3

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Notes on Victor Buot, Morceau d’Élévation

Victor Buot (d. 1883), Chief of the Artillery Band of the National Guard in France, was one of the most prolific composers of nineteenth century French band music. Among his extant compositions are many marches (one of which even became popular in Germany!), polkas, gallops and valses.

Of more interest today are his serious compositions for band, including symphonies, overtures and aesthetic fantasies. He is also a representative of the very large repertoire of nineteenth century French music written for the Church. These include single compositions, such as the present work written to be performed during Communion, but also large-scale compositions. Consider, for example, his Stabat Mater consisting of six movements:

  1. Quis est Homo, for solo baritone voice and full band
  2. Pro Peccatis svoegentis, for tenor solo with band
  3. Sancta Mater, a capella
  4. Virgo Virginum, for soli baritone, tenor and band
  5. Inflammatus et Accensus, for bass voice and band
  6. Finale, for TTB chorus and band